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We are an exclusive technical sales force for Amstar in North America. We are also provide all Technical Service &  install all new systems.

The design and development of Amstar plants rely on the decades' old experience of its founders in over 3,000 technical services on all sorts of plants and brands.

  • Amstar machines are made of the thickest steel and weighs at least 20% more.
  • Amstar filter presses work with high-pressure pumps up to 20 bar /40 bar - aggregates.
  • Amstar has proprietary pump technology that achieves unmatched 250+psi  to pump ultra-high solids slurries. Amstar has individual dewatering systems that can achieve 120% of a 3m belt press and use 25% of the polymer. Savings on material handling/labor/polymer can be over $200K/year.

Amstar helps reduce slurry management costs and allow ZERO-Discharge of water process streams.

Amstar Features :

  • Zero Discharge - recirculate 99% back to plant Fully automated - no operator
  • Complete turnkey systems - NO additional engineering needed
  • Continuous Operation
  • Backwashable
  • Filtration down to 0.5 micron level
  • Dewaters to 85% solids
  • 90%+ less water consumption / 80%+ less sludge volume to treat & dispose
  • Reduced and optimized plant spaces
  • EPA regulations - Compliance assistance
  • Granulometry equipment/turbid meter - enables system to automatically adjust to widely varying incoming solids loadings
  • Stainless Steel - all Tanks and most components
  • Warranty on tanks - 10 years - Warranty on system - 2 years
  • Company service technicians - available in 12 to 48 hours
  • Accessory equipment is already spec'd-in for system - ensures integrity / compatibility All accessory equipment in the complete turnkey system is included
  • Pumps & valves - special high solids and high abrasive-handling systems.
  • The decanter - or silo - is actually the workhorse   and requires NO moving parts. In fact, our silo purifies up to 97% of ALL your waste water as well as any filter press.

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